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Google, as of right now, is the dominate search engine. Most people go to Google, search for what they want and click the top most results. Those top results may not be the best results. Here is a tip that may help with your search results. When you type in your search words and hit enter, you will see categories you can choose from, All, News, Images and so on. At the end of that line you’ll see a button called Search tools.


Once you click Search tools, you’ll see a bar underneath, that is defaulted to All, with a drop-down arrow. Click the drop-down arrow and choose your time frame for most active websites, Past week is a decent amount of time.

You’ll see sites with the most activity, websites that people are checking out more often, after the Ad search results. The top 3 have a yellow Ad symbol, meaning those sites paid google to be there. In the example about the first non-paid site is ManageYourleague’s page with the most activity for that particular search keyword.

Hope that helps with your search results for better websites.

search tools


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    Wow. Didn’t knew this thing existed, lol. Thanks for the info actually 😀

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    Thanks for sharing this post. Very well written and explained for new users.

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