How to search within a website

There are many ways to search within a website. But sometimes, you may have seen something on a large website and can not find it again to show someone. What do you do? You go to google, of course. Go to Google and in the search box type: baseball games, for example. The first part “site:” is telling Google to look at a particular website and ignore all others. Right after the Colon (:) no spaces, is where you type the website you want to search, in this example we used The after the .com, .org, .net or which ever extension, type the search term, here we used, baseball games. From there, you’ll see the results of every page with that term and the page header, whether it’s the front page, a specific page, or a blog post.

You can also use exact phrases to help with search results and to narrow it down even more, you can Exclude a particular word by searching: Hotels -luxury hotel. By using the “-” symbol there will no be luxury hotels in your search.

If you want to find words in a web page title, you can search: Allintitle: Veterans. This will find page titles with Veterans in the title.

Hope this helps next time you’re searching within a website or trying to find something specific on site but can’t find it on the main page. Multiple tabs in your browser also help a lot.

Search within

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