Hustle and Grind

Are you hustling and grinding or just hustling? There’s a lot of people hustling but not everybody is grinding. Grinding is hustling when you don’t want to but continue anyways. Getting up early on the weekend and working. 7 days a week. People will laugh, people will call you crazy, but just remember it’s the crazy ones who change the world. Crazy one’s like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Case, or Richard Branson. These people changed the world with their products and services. They didn’t start off with just their company, a lot of people had to work at other jobs to pay the bills. Once your product takes off though, you’re on your own. The key is networking, even the people you are working for now may be able to help so don’t burn your bridges, always help people. You never know when you, or they, may need help again. So, never stop following your passion. It’s not work it’s what you love.

hustle hard

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